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StockOp for supply optimisation

Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology and the high-standing technology institute Dinalog, INAD developed the industry software StockOp. This is supply optimisation software, with which you can realise considerable savings, as the pilot-simulation showed:
  •     Yearly supply cost reduction of 19 to 31%
  •     Reduction in current supplies of 38 to 47%

The Bleeder Identification Tool

The  Bleeder Identification Tool in StockOp shows that, on average, over 30% of the stock consists of ‘bleeders’, or articles that cost more money than they produce. Over 60% of these ‘bleeders’ can be pooled with other wholesales. .

The optimal buying strategy

StockOp calculates the optimal buying strategy, based on historical data, so that you are less dependent on knowledge and intuition of the supply officers. All SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) can automatically be ordered, because the software calculates the minimum supply stock.

The buyer can concentrate on more complex products and projects. You can find more information on